Returning to Esoteric Festival is Alchemy Decor to go even bigger with all the extremely creative shadesails throughout all stages and areas within Eso. We’re super stocked to have these guys back on board as a major party of the eso family.

Alchemy Decor is the creative exploration of Asher Gunzburg, specialising in custom shade canopy installations, lycra art and festival rigging.

Originally from Perth, he spent a few years honing the craft before moving to the east coast at the beginning of 2017 to take festivals to the next level.

Since then, he has had his art showcased and many festivals around Australia, including Esoteric, Earth Frequency, Wild Horses, Happy Daze, Psyfari and many more.

Drawing inspiration from nature, geometry and ancient worldly patterns, he is always looking to push the limits of what’s possible and create new and unique shades for people to dance under and enjoy.