The psytrance community has meant everything to me. Since I found this music; I have transitioned  from a very dark mental space; to feeling accepted; loved; appreciated and part of a true family.

I am currently apart of a dancing troop called Kali Kollektiv. Our concept explores the dark aspects of femininity; embraces our shadows and utilises them to grow as individuals; to shine a brighter light into the outer world. At Kali Kollektiv we believe in the immense power of dancing and self expression, as healing tools for performers and expectators alike. In our performances we mix different dancing styles to convey different messages; including contemporary dancing; ritualistic and ceremonial dance; african beats; belly dancing moves; amongst others.

Dancing is a part of me; and I have always loved it. It has always been my catharsis mechanism. I am actually a medical scientist by trade; and work in a city hospital; attached to the emergency department doing shifts 24/7.