Through psytrance, I have found a sense of community and belonging that I had been searching for many years. In particular; Esoteric festival has consistently represented major turning points in my life, and it currently stands as my top favourite event in Australia.

This prayer-formance touched my heart in 2018, and it inspired me to follow my own dreams of self expression and sacred dancing. Since then, I have been leading the activities of my performance group Kali Kollektiv, and we have performed in a number of events including Rainbow Serpent, Elysium Festival and other underground events such as Space Mission and Aquarian Dreams, and are currently working on the opening ceremony for Triangle Festival 2020.

Dancing has always been a part of me, since I was very little I used to get lost in the beats of Latin music, and African-American drums. In my later adult life, I have developed a keen interest for a wide range of styles including contemporary, ballet, belly dancing, ceremonial and ritualistic, to name a few. When I encountered psytrance, my paradigm about dancing shifted, and it went from being a hobby to becoming a form of meditation, and a tool for healing and growth. The Esoteric prayer performance beautifully works with the concept of getting in a flow state, to deliver a powerful message, and I am super eager to get myself involved and contribute in some way to deliver the same healing tools that Esoteric has offered me.