Movement and dance as spiritual practices are held very closely to Carmela’s heart and have thus far taken her on a very powerful journey within.

To experience dance and embodiment as a powerful practice, for Carmela, is to perceive movement as a meditation, facilitated by sound and music. She feels inspired to move when her soul allows her to go deeper into the music, to let the music pull the physical body deeper into expression and unhinge any restriction or boundaries of the mind. To feel anything deeply inspires her to move, to express.

Without a structured dance background, Carmela explored ecstatic and embodied dance at transformational festivals since her mid-twenties. She draws her knowledge and learnings from her passion as a yoga teacher into dance, taking inspiration drawn from this culture itself, as well as many tribal cultures – moving through ancient traditional offerings to expressions of our contemporary society. When exploring with weaving these inspirations into art and movement, she hopes to inspire those to experience partake in dance as spiritual practice, as well as breaking down social and cultural barriers in our modern world to bring unity in ones body, mind and soul and in their connection with others and the earth.