Chloe Lappin is a Melbourne based artist. Using metallic ink and pencil on black canvas or wood, Chloe creates intricate geometric mandalas with colour gradients suggesting depth and movement.

Chloe began creating these works early 2016 during the long illness and death of her mother. The intense fears and anxieties surrounding this event triggered the emergence of these artworks. The prolonged focus, precision and methodical nature of the drawings became a moving meditation and catharsis.

Mandalas have been used for centuries in many cultures as symbolic of the universe. Each mandala draws on inspiration from spiritual realms and represents all that is, an awareness of the interconnected, yet chaotic, nature of the universe. A sacred geometry in which we recognize our self and our place in the cosmos.

Chloe invites you to meditate upon her work, take what you need from it. Her ultimate goal is to ignite the spark of creativity and inspire others.