Watched Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon? Wished it were real life? Guess what, it just might be! Known to some as the Assassins of Entertainment, Samurai of the
Stage, Weapons of Mass Amazement, this piercing band of 4 are waiting in anticipation to blow minds with the stage as their battle field.

Entering any stage with an undeniable presence and an arsenal of flaming weapons including Swords, Rope Dart, Nunchaku and others the likes of which you have
never seen!

Dynasty have honed their movements, sharpened their blades and fuelled their flames to bring you an intense and thrilling experience you may have thought was
only possible with the power of CGI!


This musclebound warrior’s ability to move with power and strike with a flurry of blows won’t fail to leave any and all in shock and awe.

While his stature alone demands respect, Gabriel lets his skills do the talking. With a background in various martial arts and parkour, he is able to slice and flip his
way across the stage like a character straight from a video game!


Scarlet, hair as bright as her flames and ink coursing across her skin, is a vixen and veteran of the stage who’s armed and ready to wow and amaze!

Skilled in an overwhelming array of disciplines including but not limited to Dragon Staff, Pole and Fans, this member of Dynasty has the bite to back up her bark!


Introducing Jay, the one and only. With an electrifying energy and expertise in wielding the earth’s gift of fire, this mercenary has mercilessly trained to place herself among only the greatest.

Equipped with a multitude of tools bound in flame, Jay’s movements will leave you entranced and spellbound, wanting nothing else but more!


Emerging from his years spent honing his art to band together with 3 elite warriors, enter Yosh, the final member of Dynasty. Shrouded in mystery, this warrior’s martial prowess is a force to be reckoned with.

Flourishing a combination of weapons little seen by the stage, Yosh brings to life fire and martial arts in an epic combination straight out of a fantasy world!