In a nutshell, Ebony began actively working in the entertainment industry in 2014. Her involvement in the industry over the past few years has grown from being a DJ and aspiring music producer to throwing her own parties and now providing event management services for festivals and clubs.

Ebony’s intention behind working in these types of roles evolves from her passion and love for connecting with people, being an example, learning from those around her, creating magic and facing a good challenge. From travelling around the globe and being influenced by an array of cultures and beliefs, experience, personal growth and challenge, Ebony believes that her purpose is to heal through the art of music.

“When I am in my creative zone and I have the space to create and produce on a blank canvas my mind delves into the unknown. It’s such an amazing feeling to be given an opportunity to make something out of nothing. I love it. It centres me, it grounds me and although it can get overwhelming from time to time, the journey and the outcome is always so beautifully fulfilling”.

This is the fourth year that Ebony has been invited to direct the Opening and now Closing Ceremony for Esoteric Festival. Her intention towards this project is to give Opening Ceremonies the respect and attention they deserve by ensuring the festival’s intentions are set and highlighted through the patron’s experience. She has crafted this brief to engage everybody at the festival whilst incorporating the Traditional Custodians of the Land through dance and music. She invites you all to come and witness this prayer-formance and delve into the unknown with her and sends you loads of love and gratitude to help hold this space.