I don’t formally have any performing experience as an adult aside from playing elite sport or being on stage for a fitness model comp. Now I’ve let go of a lot of the ego that led me to the limelight early on I wish to make a return to help inspire and teach others rather than create competition. I have played around the acrobatic/fire/circus/yoga world for a while now and even started free styling and beatboxing (Hopefully can perform some music someday!). My ultimate goal later down the track is to delve into drama and really study performing arts. This experience would be a great stepping stone towards not only the confidence but the discipline needed to achieve those goals.

At the moment I’m practicing to join a fire group who have applied for Boom Fest. 2020 and also about to go away with What The Fluff to Elysium and help them set up and run their themed camp. I am at a stage in life where I am starting my own coaching business for movement and health, so I can live a life by design and not by default. I love the freelance mentality and would love to incorporate the festival/family/fun/flow into everyday life. I think it’s time to be a part of the festival rather than a punter.