Lor is a local mythological entity incarnated in boots at this time. He has been based in the east coast of Australia on Gaia under Sol’s joyous idle tyranny, and a spaceship pretending to be the moon, since before any formal dating system. Big moon is always watching.
Being instrumental in the creation of this here glorious 3rd dimension and the much-underrated humans, Lor is here at this time for his own evolution, the expansion of creation/source, some demon shovelling and to shine benevolently on us all, providing an aura of +5 creativity and inspiration. An ongoing work.
These tools are manifested by our friend Lor from the ether to bridge the gap between the unseen and the world of form. To heal and perform various works on various levels in many capacities and to lift the veil and activate them souls! we know you got em.
It was said by ancient sages, that Lors work is somewhere in between master sorcery and low grade keshe technology at this time, and which hardly anybody on this planet can afford and those that can cant use it. Exciting developments await.
Lor was educated as a side effect of an existence that is as long as it is curved.  The wisdom of lifetimes of mastery has coalesced into these dank tools of ascension. enjoy.