Since Man could wet a line, he’s been searching for the big one. From the depths of the great unknown ocean, the Trench of Marinara, the Cascadia Margin, under the ice sheets of the Ross Sea.

The mythology of the big catch is intrinsic in human culture. Ahab looked for the giant white whale, the old man searched for Marlin, on the Sea of Galilee the Nazarene guided Didymus to the a haul so big he was unable to bring it in, Ebisu guides the anglers of the Far East to catches.

Anchoring at The Reef is Moby Dick’s, a vessel with the sole purpose of bringing the most unknown songs that have been hiding in their bioluminescence in the darkest corners of the ocean.

A crew of deep sea cowboy’s dedicated to feasting on tunes from the depths. Sailors beholden to the Navy of Doof.

Look forward to sets over 3 hours from disco to house, themed decor, installations, performers all on a massive boat stage!