Born under the Northern Hemisphere sunshine in Central Asia and raised under the Southern Hemisphere moonlight on the land of Oz down under.

Most of my artwork’s method is diving into the depth of the subconscious oceanic rhythms and consciously work n flow with the tools that I have to craft visually stimulated artworks.

~ Visionary ~ Mandalas ~ Figurative ~ Abstract Patterns ~ Portraiture ~

Inked pens are where I love to dot dot dot dot n line, drawings that are channelled from my subconscious and consciously let it flow nib to paper as an expressive way of what it is i intuitively am feeling on all levels of my metaphysical presence.

Acrylic, Oil, Egg Tempera, Casein are applied to my paintings. experimenting with the Mischtechnique (Old Masters Way) teachings that are treasured from numerous Visionary International Artist Painters.