We have listened to your feedback and have much delight in announcing the introduction of a Temple Space at Esoteric Festival 2019.

We’re excited to welcome the Light Temple Crystal Mandala Crew on board to create this amazing sacred space. A multi-sensory Esoteric Temple that embraces infinite patterns of Light, Crystalline Energetics, Art, Dance, Sound and Geometry. Truly Esoteric in Design and construction.

The Light Temple Crew have over 20 years of experience in weaving energetics and creating truly magical spaces, anchoring ceremony, blessings and magic.

The Temple will be open 24/7 during the festival within the Lifestyle area and provides another Safe Space to ground, relax and provide refuge for the weary traveller. If you or another need help or support the temple keepers are always available and here to assist.

A place of inner and outer connection, make sure you check it out, share your deliciousness and recharge your energy.

May your journey through the esoteric realms be blessed with much love, fun and adventure.