Tuli was born and raised in Israel to an Australian mother and Since 2011 has been living in Melbourne.

Over the past 3 years, Tuli has been working in the community mental health sector where she has developed a great understanding of the needs of individuals who struggle within our community. Tuli is also a qualified yoga teacher and the founder of a yoga and wellness business- ‘Narayani yoga’. Tuli has been creating music since the age of 14 and has been able to incorporate her music skills into her work as well as having a roving solo act performance, busking and performing in India, Israel, Italy, Germany and Melbourne.

Tuli believes that through the freedom of expression in arts, individuals, as well as communities, can feel a sense of inclusion, connection, have a positive impact on their well being and consequently have a positive effect on the planet.

Throughout the ceremony, Tuli will weave her voice to create a euphoric atmosphere that will allow the participants to connect with themselves, feel uplifted and enter an introspective state.