We’re proud to announce that VDMO will be back again at Esoteric working together with TAS Visuals on the Sun Temple once again to bring the most wildest and mind-bending visuals that will leave you perplexed into oblivion.

Over the years VDMO has been fortunate enough to work for 1000s of events and festivals across the World. He has worked with such a diverse group of event producers who put creativity at the top of their game and this has helped him evolve to where he is at today.

Easily one of the busiest VJs in Australia, VDMO regularly performs at a large range of electronic festivals and events across Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, South East Queensland, Cairns, Far North Queensland as well being involved in VJ co-ordination roles for a number of outdoor festivals.

Since relocating to Melbourne at the end of 2010, VDMO has performed with just about every major festival, event and venue including Esoteric, Rainbow Serpent, Machine, Maitreya, My Aeon, Godskitchen, Opera House, Balance, Freakquency, Elements, Earth Freq, Bushweek, Subsonic and many others.