Music has always been present throughout Zac’s life. Over the years this has taken on many forms and has resulted in a multi-instrumental expressive art which is predominantly improvised. More than the music or the creations themselves, Zac’s playing has become an unpredictable reflection of his connection to the surroundings, environment and energy in which he plays. This has led to performances in an endless array of locations and situations. From streets to festivals, ┬ápubs to clubs, studios to open plains, from near or far, Zac brings a unique performance each time deeply connecting to the moment.
I am truly grateful for the opportunity to be involved in the opening ceremony at Esoteric Festival and the divine intention that underlies it and the amazing people that make it possible. For me, being involved in the opening ceremony at Esoteric provides an opportunity to connect to some of our most ancient of rituals with incredible people and the natural beauty of our present day moment. Music, dance, connection, nature and joy are some of the greatest transformative tools we have and I’m looking forward to helping open that door to infinite possibility with all the good people coming to share the experience at Esoteric Festival. See ya out there!