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Although the wild cats’ play for survival in a human dominated Party scene is striking and unique, their story has universal implications, a story of how a single, small and seemingly innocent creature can rise to one of the most prolific urban and wild inhabitants of the dancefloor… When it comes to managing a relationship with humanity, Cats aren’t just coasting, they are boldly taking the initiative. They’re a rare domestic specimen who have chosen domestication itself, With a combination of staying true to their wildest instincts, supreme adaptability and keen senses, they hold sway over our dance floors and imaginations alike.

While most people go out looking for the next new cutest companion, alley cats are statistically more likely to choose their human, by showing up on the doorstep of the dancefloor one evening, inviting themselves in and making themselves at home.

Alec AKA Aleckat is a Fremantle born feline renowned for his prowess in mixing on the decks, his unique taste in techno and house, while always pushing the dancefloor further with a combination of driving bass, funky rhythms, deep, sultry undertones, psychedelic sounds and a playful nature to bring even the shyest creatures of the dancefloor out into their journey through the long night,