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As one of the newest members of the world renowned SpinTwist Records, Aquaggaswack has already proved his ability in the prog-psy music industry and with good reason. Always fresh and always exciting, the floor is never empty with this man in control. With an enthusiasm rarely seen in prog-psy sets, the love for this music always radiates to his crowd.

With roots in the infamous Melbourne scene already well and truly established, the world is next. Not taking no for an answer and never giving a reason to be denied, he was taught the inside and outs of dance music by the most reputable and exciting figures from the most infamous crews.
Since his debut gig in the melbourne hard dance scene on February 25th 2011 at one of Melbournes most well know night clubs Hard Kandy his had the privilege of playing alongside artists to the likes of Shock Force, Dark By Design, Kidd Kaos, Yoji Biomehanika, Organ Donors, Scott Alert, Luca Antolini, Activator, Josh Lang and Dr Willis.

He quickly moved away from hard dance to where his passion truly lies, Progressive Trance and the Victorian Psy-Trance scene. His love for the music and the journey he is able to take people on with it shows every time he steps foot on stage which has already had him play with the likes of Neelix, Khainz, Astral Projection, Hux Flux, Detroit Techno Militia, Positive Thought, Raw Flow, and Staunch…

Its this along with his energetic persona that has seen him join up with Melbourne based entertainment company Filthy Produce. Initially he was asked to be involved because of his ability to entertain and mesmerise the crowd in front of him, not only through his music but with his stage presence and his interaction with the crowd. It didn’t stop there though, His upbeat yet down to earth personality and ability to think outside the box quickly proved he had what it takes to make it on the business side of things also and is also in an advisory role, helping with everything from decor and themes through to artists choice, locations and event management…
With a lust for knowledge and an even bigger drive to grow and evolve his sound, stationary and stagnant are certainly not words in this man’s musical vocabulary. Fat, driving and twisted on the other hand, certainly are.

Never a disappointment and always a draw card, Aquaggaswack makes the musical world his pearl-rich oyster. Here’s a free, hot tip…