• Country Australia
  • Soundcloud https://soundcloud.com/cyan-psy
  • Facebook https://www.facebook.com/pg/CyanPsytrance
  • Soundcloud track https://soundcloud.com/cyan-psy/cyan-core-part-1

Listening to high energy music inspires depth and stability. It’s more to do with feeling and creative expression rather than rational thought. We relax whilst refreshing our body and mind encouraging us to seek clarity and espouse self-knowledge and self-actualisation.

CYAN is a project started by Emma Johns. Specializing in mixing and matching Twilight along with smooth rolling night time Psytrance, she possesses great éclat as well as ebullience in her performance aiming to create a unique and driving atmosphere. Born in the city of Melbourne, Australia, she has always shared a deep connection with mysterious and soulful music.