• Country Australia
  • Soundcloud https://soundcloud.com/fraktal-faerie
  • Facebook https://www.facebook.com/fraktalfaerie/
  • Soundcloud track https://soundcloud.com/fraktal-faerie/deep-space-realignment-set-2018-bush-prog

From deep in the wilderness of the East coast of Australia, FRAKTAL FAERIE comes at you with a full range emotional spectrum ready to take you on a psychedelic journey through heavy basslines and melodic leads that will expand your mind and connect you to the most loving parts of your soul & emotions.

With her tasty flavour of full Power Prog & psytrance Lacey-Marie Hay has played in most states throughout Australia. With her most recent tour being a 3 monther in Perth.

Having played alongside some of the biggest psytrance acts in the electronic music scene FRAKTAL FAERIE is hoping to take her magical musical journey to the international stage to join her inspirations in spreading consciousness and love for music & expression.