• Country Australia
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1. To light up; illuminate.

Illume is the project of 25-year-old Lucy Janssen from Melbourne, Australia.

I have been producing since the age of 17 and sharing my music to dancefloors since the age of 19. Over the years I have gathered an immense amount of inspiration from many talented producers, friends and family. Music has always been my escape, being a metalhead as a teenager I slowly discovered the beauty of psytrance. As it all played out I was able to direct the massive amount of emotion I carry with me into music.

Soon after, Illume was born. With her mystical, magical melodies, her deep driving baselines. Her hypnotic repetitions and percussion and the fact that with each and every track came a whole months’ worth of emotional downpour.

From the beginning, she has found herself engrossed in positive melodies but as the years go on and illumes evolution comes into play there is a darker element revealing itself..

Illume has found herself impacting individuals in a way she never thought she could. It has been a journey in itself so far, Lucy is at the stage now where she is being given the opportunity to share her music often in Australia at both small gatherings and well-known festivals. Some of which have been: Earth Frequency Festival, Manifest, Eclipse festival (axis stage), Dragon Dreaming Festival, Various 3rd eye Festivals, New psycle, and many more.

Illume Is currently signed with No Qualms Records, Universal Tribe Records and Maia Brasil Records. She has released and will be releasing music with all three of those labels and others such as Technophobia Records, Underground bass and another upcoming release on No Qualms records.