• Country Australia
  • Soundcloud https://soundcloud.com/twstdmonkee/fa
  • Facebook https://www.facebook.com/TwistedMonkee/
  • Soundcloud track https://soundcloud.com/twstdmonkee/monkee-dubungle-mixtape

Monkee is a Jungle, DnB, Glitch and Dub DJ/Producer originally hailing from Perth, he first started performing live in 2006 and has been heavily involved with bass-influenced electronic music from a young age.

In 2002 he was first exposed to the booming underground electronic music scene and instantly fell in love. With DnB at the core of the scene in Perth, Monkee set out to bring the music he loves to Melbourne through his company Twisted Audio.

Over the past 6 years Monkee has built a reputation as one of Melbourne’s most renowned Drum n Bass DJs, hosting and playing alongside artists such as Koan Sound, Noisia, LTJ Bukem, Stanton Warriors, DJ Hype, Aphrodite, Netsky + many more.

If you’re lucky enough to spot him, you can catch this jungle creature mixing up a collection of new and old with transcendent precision gained through a decade of experience and devotion to his musical art.