• Country Australia
  • Soundcloud http://soundcloud.com/rabbit-catcher
  • Facebook https://www.facebook.com/uraniumpsy/
  • Soundcloud track https://soundcloud.com/rabbit-catcher/tanglewood-festival-201819-1230-geo-jungle-stage

Julian Jansen aka Uranium Mind, discovered Trance/Electronica at the age of eleven, stumbling upon his first trance album, this was the beginning of a love affair bound by the power and mysticism of trance. Subsiding in years of intent listening to the progressions and sounds of many genre’s Uranium Mind was born. Always known for his strong foundations in Psychedelic and Progressive Trance, Uranium has recently branched into surrounding genres such as, Dub and Techno.

In October 2014 Uranium Mind delivered his first EP (Catharsis). “Catharsis”, vents a yearning for the love of Melody, Progressive, Trance and Techno.

From start to finish you are taken on a journey through atmospheric chord progressions, phasing melodies, deep bass lines and uplifting crescendos. It came as a surprise to many as it was not like his other releases, sparking interest in his diversity of style. Releasing his first EP through all major digital outlets it saw itself sitting in the top 2 on Ektoplazm for over two weeks. In Accordance to its release Uranium Mind played it Live at ‘Four Colours’ (Reality Works) a large indoor spectacular, alongside Waio, Royal Flush, Sudaya and Be Swenzden to name a few. As well as playing many other indoor and outdoor parties in the surrounding months.

In more recent times Uranium has been set to task focusing his attention to detail in the Studio. Building and re redefining his Progressive Psy sound taking time to experiment and find where his true passion lies. Tracks such as “Intrinsic Existence” written early 2016 have landed him sets alongside acts such as “Vini Vici” at Colour of Sound, Dragon Dreaming Festival (ACT) and smashing dancefloors for the Big Red Bus Crew.

Now busy in the Studio, Uranium revels in the development of his new productions. Keeping them close to his chest whilst waiting for the right moment to gather them up and deliver a second release. Time is irrelevant when in a creative process Uranium states, “I focus a lot harder now to really be sure that what I try and portray really comes through the piece of music. I admit my production has slowed down a lot, not because I am lazy but because of time spent to detail. Knowing your sense of purpose is a beautiful thing, and being in command of your own musical creations is worth the struggle”.

As always Uranium boast’s a strong emphasis on melody and atmospheric textures, creating a vast emotional dialog for the soul. As well as powerful Leads, and smooth lush pads UM finds time to delve into fleeting moments of Techno and Dub expanding his forms of expression whilst delivering a smooth journey through soulful euphoria.

So as one of Melbourne’s up and coming Artists, be sure to keep your ear to the floor, for the unique sound that is Uranium Mind.