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1. (Physical Geography) a violent wind or storm
2. A violent commotion, uproar, or disturbance
3. (tr) To agitate or disturb violently

[C13: from Old French tempeste, from Latin tempestas storm, from tempus time]

Deep in the universe, an accident took place. A supernova explodes, catastrophically causing a gravitational collapse and ripping apart the fabric of space time and matter. Escaping the forming black hole with the colliding shells of debris through inter dimensional winds, an entity finally emerged…

After centuries floating through space, skipping through dimensions, he came across a small blue planet. Identifying intelligent life forms, he blended into society patiently waiting for the right moment to emerge to influence the human race with his own inter galactic sound…

Boz is the face behind ”Zone Tempest”, a progressive psychedelic trance artist from Melbourne, Australia that has been truly inspired. He is ready to capture a vision of sound through the entirety of the sonic spectrum and present a mind altering musical journey through a series of complex pulsating rhythms to captivate the mind and unwind the soul…
This, is Zone Tempest.

His unique musical journey started over 20 years ago. As a punter, he was inspired by the early trance sounds of the mid 90’s where his tastes swung towards the pounding sounds of hard trance and techno in 2000. From these roots, Boz then decided to take his music more seriously and was being unsatisfied from being merely a “listener”. He saw the eye opening importance of giving back to electronic music after what music did for him. With this in mind, time, effort and his hard earnt money was all put forward towards his passion for electronic music. He started spinning vinyl in 2003 and then began producing his own music in 2005, as he knew the key to success was through his productions so that he could genuinely make an impact with electronic music.

With enough time, effort and patience, success did follow. His first alias was “Pred”, was a tech-trance hybrid project with over 14 released label tracks. In 2008, another alias emerged with his production partner Rob, namely the dark duo known as ‘Bangerz & Masherz’. Under this alias alone, they together released over 30 tracks with multiple No.1 hits through various labels but mostly on ‘Gearbox’, whilst also performing at local hard dance main events with brands such as Pharmacy, Hard Kandy, PHD, Evo, and others… Being highly sought after and having a huge following was a tribute to their success which was a result of no other than hard work and a huge drive to deliver only the best, yet staying true to their unique sound and stage presence. It was through this project where Boz was able to immerse himself in other styles of music, and as time went on, it was clear which direction Boz wanted to take with his music…

Being a long time listener of progressive trance, Boz found that there was an element lacking with his current sound that he always wanted to give back to the masses, and over many years an interesting psychedelic audio connection was secretly flourishing that would one day intrigue his curiosity in the studio and found the missing link to completely fulfil his musical self-expression.
It was through this, that the Zone Tempest project was born.

This refined sound is the unique combination of advanced forward thinking futuristic progressive trance with a driving dark groove that creates that perfect atmospheric dance floor vision. It captures a unique take on progressive trance, thus giving a listening experience that is by all means unique and out of the ordinary.

His first E.P he produced was a free release titled “Twisted Path” on UP Records and has been distributed on the free sharing platform “Ektoplazm” which marked his early success. In early 2015 he has teamed up with Universal Tribe Records crew and has been contributing to their “Primal Drive” annual various artist album showcasing new fresh sounds and at the same time showcasing strong progressive psy-trance E.P releases such as ‘Sacred Realm’ and more recently in 2016 ‘Redemption’ which reached No.18 on Beatport. Boz has also supported international heavyweight artists such as Bliss (ISR), Kromagon (USA), Symbolic (ISR), and Hellquist (SWE) which further solidifies his presence with the progressive trance sound.

Causing quite a commotion within the local progressive trance community, it became evident that Zone Tempest is one of Australia’s best up and coming producers. Being finally able to deliver the sound that he is so passionate about, it is only natural that listeners have come to terms that Zone Tempest is a sonic force not to be reckoned with.

This is only the beginning …..