Visual Arts

Whilst many visual artists from all over the world who are featured at Esoteric. Many are in the Arcane Arts Arcade and gallery, however, there are plenty more who have their work on display throughout the rest of the event grounds.

Esoteric is a celebration of every form of art. From the most abstract and obscure forms of psychedelic art to the more accessible and known street art, the entire event is a vibrant and colorful display of creativity.

The extensive amount of psychedelic art is popular among many with murals, fine prints and canvas paintings depicting various surreal visions of the world. Strange yet mysterious shapes and colors fill the site, creating a truly otherworldly experience.

The street art on the other hand featires bright & vibrant murals that adorn the walls, each with its own unique story tjat can be seen in a variety of styles, from photorealistic to abstract.

For those few days of pure magic, the wonderlands of Esoteric is transformed into a vibrant and colorful paradise of creativity. The visual arts Esoteric is an inspiring reminder of the power of creativity to bring people together…

Here is a full list of all visual artists that have been announced to have their visual art at ESO23 either in the Arcane Arts Arcade or throughout the rest of the site.

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