Alisha Lawrie


Art Form: Opening & Closing Ceremonies

Alisha is a fiery performer who fuses dance, flow arts and aerials to tell truly unique and dynamic stories. Her creative vision and passion for portraying stories through movement led to her choreographing the 2020 closing ceremony as a part of Alkiymia dance troupe.

Her training in contortion, contemporary and ballet have given her a solid foundation to express form, combining these with the freedom of flow arts and the playfulness of circus have allowed her to bring a style that balances strong expression and organic flow.

Alisha puts her entire heart and soul into every project, Always committing to make it the strongest story to be told. Narratives and this art of storytelling are a key part of her approach, both as a solo performer and choreographer.

She is excited to weave her expressions again at Eso 2021

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