South Africa

Art Form: Arcane Arts Arcade, ArtCollider Gallery, Visual Arts

Originally born in Zimbabwe, but now based in Cape Town, Julian Graham/ Aumega -ॐega- (होश में ब्रह्मांड) got his first taste of psychedelic culture in ’96, which planted the seed for his love of tinkering around with digital art creations. Although he only really started getting into the psychedelic visionary art about six years ago, after returning from an LSD fueled trip to Mozambique.

At first he was just experimenting in Photoshop with photos that he had taken, but quickly started learning the ropes of Cinema 4D, Poser, Illustrator and more recently Zbrush and Corel Painter, which allowed him to better translate the crazy ideas in his head and sent his art in the deeper realms which he is known for today.

“My main inspiration has got to be the universe & our intrinsic connection to it. The hidden dimensions and energies that exist around us.“

His works have been exhibited at some of the biggest festival gatherings all around the world, including: Ozora, Modem, Origin, Psy-fi, Noisily to name a few. He has also designed some amazing CD artworks for Nano Records & Desert Dwellers, which he says have been a great honour for him.

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