Bryan Itch


Art Form: Arcane Arts Arcade, Visual Arts

Bryan is a Melbourne based Artist, Graffiti Writer, Animator, VJ and Musician.

An autodidact, he is proficient in a diverse range of media including Aerosol, Oils, Acrylic, Digital Art / Animation and Music production and is just as likely to be found painting large scale murals on the streets of Melbourne as he is to be found designing stages or performing live visuals for huge festivals Heavily influenced by Vibration in its myriad forms, Sacred Geometry, Synchronicity, Nature, Duality, Spirituality & Unity, his work assumes many different guises but a common thread of stillness and balance amongst chaos is retained no matter what medium. Over the course of the last decade he has shown work in group shows across Australia, Europe and the United States alongside leaders in both the Graffiti and Visionary art worlds, such as Alex Grey, Robert Venosa, Martina Hoffman, Damon Soule, Daim, Luke Brown, Ron English, Sofles, Greg Simkins, Does, Meggs, Andrew Jones & Amanda Sage. Recent highlights have included live painting at Symbiosis festival, designing stages for Earthcore, Strawberry Fields and Rainbow Serpent festivals, AWOL crew’s group exhibition “Fabric” and National Gallery of Victoria installation and a trip to Mongolia as a featured artist for Ink graffiti festival in Ulan Baataar. Collaboration has been a strong focus of his output over the last decade, teaming up with many notable artists such as Adnate, Li Hill, Deams, Lucy Lucy, Slicer, Damon Soule, Otis Chamberlain, Makatron, Meggs, Ghostpatrol, Jaws & Blo, Kid Zoom, Nelio & Jason Jacenko to create large scale works, canvases & live paintings.

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