H.E.L Waters


Art Form: Visual Arts

A Melbourne based surrealist acrylic painter and illustrator who draws inspiration from nihilistic science fiction novels, avant-garde horror films, depressive black metal and Australian flora and fauna.

After studying fine arts and being mentored under established painters he has set out on a path to represent his brand of surreal portraiture in galleries that generally focus on the current trend of minimalist and abstract art.

Having sparingly exhibited in a wide array of spaces ranging from professional galleries and festivals to abandoned warehouses and alleyways, he has earned a reputation as an elusive artist whose work hard to find but ultimately worth seeking out.

His imagery focuses on themes regarding the impermanence of man and the eventual resurgence of nature rendered with painstaking attention to detail, typically his paintings can be seen as both a sombre meditation on death and a celebration of the ecosystem while being described as maximalist in presentation.


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