Art Form: Installations

Set your phases to psychedelic as MIMESIS returns to the Esoverse!

Get set for a visual voyage as we prepare to conjure up a sensory warp of the Sun Temple. 

With the mighty hands of the famous internationally acclaimed stage designers Mimesis, we can’t wait for the Sun Temple SUPERNOVA.

The Esoverse warp drivers are engaged at full throttle, this will be the coolest kinetic main stage you have ever seen. 

The one and only Mimesis Décor joins the Sun Temple with the Esoteric & WTTJ stage crews!

Not only will you get to experience these incredible creations brought all the way over from Spain and installed by the Mimesis crew for the first time in Oz… But all involved have been hard at work planning something special for the very first time in the world! Mimesis KINETIC!

This collaboration with Mimesis on the Sun Temple fuses all of the knowledge and creativity from the crews involved to make the stage a physically moving psychedelic kaleidoscope like no one has ever seen before.

Mimesis is without doubt one of the most talented stage decor crews who are continuously travelling to most major festivals throughout the world for the last 10 years and we have been lucky enough to secure them during their hectic schedule.

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