Moby Dicks


Art Form: Theme Camps

On the outskirts of CirqueDelic, shrouded in pink mist and mystery, lie the remnants of an old amusement park, long abandoned and forgotten by the passage of time. Once a vibrant playground of laughter and joy, the park now pulses with life as Kaleido spreads its tendrils of pink mist. The rides, like the Eso Express, have taken on their own personalities, infused with the planet’s energy, offering surreal experiences and journeys to those who enter.

The park serves as the grand entrance to CirqueDelic, a place where travellers and wandering souls in search of a place to belong can find solace and connection. Despite its abandonment and overgrowth, the amusement park exudes a magical charm, one that was embedded by its creator.

They called him “The Showman,” a magician responsible for building the magical park. The Showman was consumed by Kaleido during his search for the treasures locked within the Sanctum. His personality lives on, surviving in the park within the pink fog itself. Though overrun, this space serves as a beacon of connection, a sanctuary where visitors can pause and reflect before embarking on their adventures within the crazy grounds of CirqueDelic.

The amusement park, with its decaying rides and vibrant mist, stands as a testament to the wild and untamed spirit of Kaleido, a place where all are welcome and all are one, bound together by the unifying spirit of the Psychedelic Circus.

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