Moby Dicks


Art Form: Theme Camps

Deep within a peculiar quadrant within the Moby Dicks astral belt, perched upon an asteroid is the micro-gravity INDO-XENO8 spaceport & commerce station. This vibrant hub serves as a nexus for research, refuelling, goods exchange, and rejuvenation. It teems with opportunists and a motley mix of characters, from diligent scientific researchers & adventurous explorers to shady merchants & intergalactic space pirates passing through from wild space. All converge here in pursuit of unravelling the celestial mysteries of the Esoverse.

In one corner of the station, a peculiar race of Xeno botanists and cosmic farmers embark on an grandiose experiment that’s driven by their profound duty to preserve & diversify life across the galaxy for a steep astronomical investment.  They cultivate otherworldly ultraviolet fruits and extract their rare minerals & herbs to augment  cellular growth; feeding a wide variety of various life forms.  This endeavour thrives on Moby Dicks lush, eco-rich terraformed surface, where the ordinary laws of physics shatter, and the bizarre is the norm.

Amidst the station’s bustling rhythm, whispers of an audacious heist circulate. In the shadows of Moby Dicks lurks the enigmatic Captain Zara Nova, a notorious space pirate with a penchant for glittering attire, hypnotic dance moves and swashbuckling galactic manoeuvres. Her ragtag crew of misfits sail the cosmic seas, evading interstellar authorities while seeking hidden treasures in the farthest reaches of space. This time, she has set her sights on the Reality Ripper, the Esoverse’s most coveted ancient artefact and believed it to be concealed deep within the nearby Nectar Nebula. 

This place is by no means perfect nor pristine and as you explore INDO-XENO8, you’ll unravel an economy as warped as the station itself.  It hosts an eclectic array of species, rarely human, reminding everyone that the Esoverse is a place where the absurd and the extraordinary dances hand in hand.

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