Art Form: Visual Arts

I was born and raised in Melbourne. I’m an escapist at heart. With detail being the main recurring aspect in my works.

I’m enamored by symbolism and motifs. By narrative. Obsessed by the transience of life, and ephemeral nature of beauty in humans and animals. In 2016, I studied Fine Arts at Monash University, which I’m still currently finishing after a few years of travel. This travel helped me in so many ways to grow my concepts and skills in drawing and painting to a level I felt happy with.

This only seemed to reinforce my love for all things creative. Most of my artwork’s method is diving into a coloured dreamscape and consciously holds many symbolic and subconscious ideas.

Most are very detailed and explore mediums of Fineliner, Watercolour, Gouache, Pencil and Acrylic. Although the symbolism comes from my own experiences, I try to leave it ambiguous so others may look upon it and be able to connect with it in their own experiences.

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