On Saturday the 9th March 2019 from 11am, our Tribal Family will come together to open Esoteric Festival in ceremony; to unite our energy and show our gratitude for the land.

Jada Gulpilil from the Dja Dja Wurrung Community will be joining us to share and offer a Welcome to Country and Smoking Ceremony including a traditional didgeridoo healing to show respect and pay tribute to the traditional custodians of the land.

To embody and symbolise of this year’s focal theme of Transformation, we will be holding a burn which we invite you to use as a symbol of letting go of any fear or obstacle you may be experiencing that’s holding you back.

Following this, there will be a live ‘prayerformance’ which will include live music, movement and prayer to embody and tell a story and embody Transformation; overcoming challenges, facing your fears and create a space for you to set intentions to rise above and step into a higher version of yourself.

All in the community are invited to join us in setting our intentions and ensuring a safe, grounded, peaceful and enriching experience at Esoteric Festival. We will craft a sacred bubble of protection and unconditional love, a space for all to come together and unite as one tribal family; a space to be vulnerable and let go and a space to understand and tune into Esoteric’s intentions and the communities vibration.

Ceremony is about coming together; uniting the tribe and becoming one.

We hope to see you there. Blessings.

Jida Gulpilil