ESO21 Postponement Announcement

ESO21 Postponement Announcement

Dear Esotericans… As promised we would give you an update on the final decision regarding the March date either on Jan 28 or earlier, that time is now.   We want to thank each and every one of you for your love & support through last year’s toughest of circumstances, and absolutely cannot wait till we see all of your happy faces again! 

We have submitted our COVID safe plan in a timely manner, and have been in close discussions directly with the Victorian Department of Health & Human Services (DHHS).  Yesterday we were told by DHHS that the only possibility to hold our multi day camping event in March would involve some serious limitations to how we would be required to operate within the current Phase 1 of the COVID safe summer of events due to the large scale of the site.  These limitations include no free roaming, zoning to segregate crowds within the festival area, seating arrangements throughout the dancefloors and festival areas.  The Chief Health Officer will not consider free roaming events of this size until they reach Phase 3 of their COVID safe event planning which currently has no scheduled date but is progressing.

Whilst we understand and appreciate DHHS’ perspective, these mandatory conditions would severely affect your festival experience, they are the complete opposite to the core ethos, vision and freedoms that makes Esoteric.  Alternatively our only other option to become free roaming was to cut the event back to under 1,000 people, which simply is not sustainable given the quality and scale that we intend on delivering. 

Thus, we will only deliver the highest quality free roaming event experience and we have absolutely no other option but to postpone Esoteric 2021 from 5th-9th of March to our backup date of 29th October – 2nd November, Melbourne Cup long weekend.   This backup date has been communicated to the Buloke Shire Council since July last year.  At the time of selecting this date last year, there were no other Victorian events scheduled for that long weekend and it’s now set in stone.

No doubt there are many questions, so let’s address those clearly right now…  

The event is not cancelled,  it is postponed to a new date 29 Oct – 2 Nov.

All tickets, acts, arts, lifestyle, stalls and t&c’s have been shifted to the new date.  There may be some slight alterations to the program for those who are no longer able to make these new dates and this will be communicated via our website.

If you intend on keeping your ticket and attending the postponed date, then you do not have to do anything, just arrive with your photo ID, current ticket, smiles and good vibes.

If you cannot make the new dates, then you are eligible for a refund.   If you require a refund, the original purchaser of your tickets must submit a refund request before 31 May by using the form here.

Ticket resale via Tixel has now been paused whilst the refund window is open.  It will resume when the refund window closes.  Anyone who has registered for their ticket alerts will remain in the same place of the Tixel queue.

Early access passes still apply, the new early access pass date allows entry on Thursday 28 October.  For all other festival ticket holders it’s 8am on Friday 29 October. 

Providing all is good to run on the new date, then ESO22 will be in March next year and beyond.  In the very unlikely scenario that larger free roaming events are still not allowed by October, then ESO21 will move back to the Labour Day Weekend in March 2022.  

If you have more questions about the postponement, then send us an email via and we’ll answer you as soon as we can.

You’ll hear plenty from us throughout the year regarding our planning, new additions and stacks more.  Once again, thank you for the massive support, we know that this news is disappointing to many, however on the brighter side we will be meeting again and we are really looking forward to seeing you later this year!

For all other information about the event, ticketing and everything in between please read our official ESO21 announcements that was made last year.

So until then…. 

viva la doof <3 

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