Volunteers Terms & Conditions

Volunteers Terms & Conditions

Before applying as a volunteer for Esoteric, please make sure you agree to abide by all of these terms and conditions otherwise you may not be eligible for a refund post event.

1. Safety is our top priority

a. Each volunteer is required to complete an online safety induction BEFORE arriving onsite. This will be sent out to you 4 weeks prior to your first shift.
b. Any volunteers who have not completed their online safety induction before their first shift will NOT be allowed to volunteer and have their shifts forfeited (This is a legal requirement).
c. Complete the safety induction at home – there will not be any device for you to complete this onsite.
d. Each volunteer must be well rested and rehydrated before each shift. Any volunteer found who is found to be in an impaired state or deemed not fit for work by their manager will NOT be allowed to start their shift, will be forced to forfeit their shift(s) and lose their ticket refund.
e. Each volunteer MUST wear a Hi-Vis vest whilst onsite during bump in and bump out times (all time before 12pm Thursday 4th March 2021 and after 12pm Tuesday 9th March 2021).
f. Hi-Vis vest and appropriate PPE must be worn by volunteers during the event when on duty.
g. Volunteers are exempted from wearing Hi-Vis vest and PPE when in crew campsite or crew meal areas.
h. Each volunteer is responsible for their own safety.

i. If something doesn’t look safe, DON’T DO IT.
ii. If something doesn’t look right, SPEAK UP and escalate to your area manager.

i. Esoteric Festival (including their staff and contractors) are not responsible for any injuries caused when volunteers perform task outside of their scope of practice.
j. Mobile phones are not to be used during your shift as it can distract you to the task at hand and make you unaware of nearby dangers.
k. Only validated licensed volunteers are allowed to operate any machinery under the instruction of their area manager.

2. Accountability

a. Each volunteer is accountable for their allocate shifts
b. Volunteering hours are 3 x 8hrs shifts minimum

Period Dates Times Details

Bump in – Phase 1
Friday 12th – Sunday 21st February
Day shifts only
(approx. 9am to 6pm)
3 meals provided, 1 hr lunch break

Bump in – Phase 2
Monday 22nd February to Friday 5th March 8am
Day shifts and night shifts
(approx. 9am to 6pm or 4pm to 1am, exception on Friday 5 th March TBA)
3 meals provided, 1 hr lunch or dinner break (exception on Friday 5 th March, breakfast only)

During festival 8am Friday 5th to Tuesday 9th March 5pm
Day shifts and night shifts
(24 hours roster)
No meals will be provided

Bump out Midday Tuesday 9th to Wednesday 17th March
Day shifts only
(approx. 10am to 7pm, exception on Tuesday 9th 12pm start)
3 meals provided, 1 hr meal break (Exception on Tuesday 9th, only lunch and dinner provided)

c. Each volunteer must arrive 15mins before each of their shift at the Vollies Hub (or at the Operations Office when the Vollies Hub is closed)

i. To sign in for their shift
ii. To attend a quick brief by a designated crew

d. At the end of each rostered shift, each volunteer must return to sign out at the Vollies Hub (or at the Operations Office when the Vollies Hub is closed).
e. Volunteers who fail to sign in AND sign out of EACH shift will not be eligible for a full refund of their volunteer ticket.
f. Each area manager will also sign off your shift once it is satisfactory completed.

3. Meals

a. Meal will be provided on your rostered bump in or bump out days only.
b. If you wish to stay onsite during a day off between your shifts, you can either purchase meals for the day (add on meal tickets are available for purchase) or choose to volunteer for the day in exchange for meals.
c. Meal tickets will be issued upon arrival onsite during your induction process with the volunteer manager or their delegate.
d. Meals will only be issued with a valid meal ticket.
e. You can also purchase food in the beautiful town of Donald (8km from the festival site)

4. Respect

a. Everyone has different capacity – RESPECT one another
b. Look out for your team mates
c. Respect the environment
d. Any volunteers found behaving in an unacceptable behaviour will be forced to forfeit their shift(s) and lose their ticket refund.

5. Ticketing

a. Once you have accepted your shifts and roster, a unique ticketing code will be sent to you for you to purchase a discounted volunteer ticket.
b. Payment plans are available, please refer to the ticketing platform for details.
c. Volunteer tickets are non-transferrable and are non-refundable prior to the festival.
d. Volunteer tickets must be purchased before the closing date as indicated on the Esoteric Festival website.
e. If you have purchased a normal ticket (e.g. any ticket tiers other than a volunteer ticket), it cannot be used as your volunteer ticket.
f. If you are accepted into the volunteer program and you have a normal ticket, it is your responsibility to sell your normal ticket via an approved platform (e.g. Tixel).

6. Personal Protective Equipment

a. All volunteers must comply with the appropriate clothing, shoes or boots and personal protection (such as sunscreen and hat) as instructed in the online safety induction. Any volunteers found not compliant with this will NOT be allowed to start their shift, will be forced to forfeit their shift(s) and lose their ticket refund.
b. You are encourage to bring your own Hi-Vis vest, gloves, safety glasses and hearing protection. 
c. You can hire an Esoteric Hi-Vis vest, gloves, glasses and ear plugs for a $50 bond. The $50 will be fully refundable on the return of the Esoteric Hi-Vis vest. Due to hygiene restrictions, gloves, glasses and ear plugs are yours to keep.
d. During the event volunteers will be issued with an Esoteric Hi-Vis Vest which must be worn at all times and returned at the completion of your shift. If you do not return your Esoteric Hi-Vis vest at the end of your shift, $50 will be deducted from your final ticket refund.

7. Confidentiality and Privacy

a. No site photos to be uploaded to any social media platform prior to midday 5th March 2021.
b. Any photos related to the event are not to be sent to any external party prior to midday 5 th March 2021.

8. Refund process

a. Refunds will occur within 60 days after the event.
b. Once all your allocated shifts have been satisfactorily completed, individual volunteers will be eligible for refund of their purchased ticket.
c. If you are eligible for a refund, you will be asked to submit your bank details to Esoteric Volunteers Manager.
d. Eligibility for refund are as follow:
i. If you satisfactorily completed all your shifts – 100% refund
ii. If you partially completed your allocated shifts, only a percentage of your ticket will be refunded on the discretion of Esoteric Management team

Esoteric Festival Management reserves the right to make changes to the Esoteric Volunteers Program without prior written notice or limitations

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