The Hammock Temple is delighted to announce that it will return to the Lifestyle Village.

The Hammock Temple is a sanctuary space providing a calm place for festival goers to drop in, relax and ground themselves. The Hammock Temple is an open blissful space that welcomes people into the folds of its geometric design.

With the intense energy of a festival it is important to check in with oneself from time to time, and The Hammock Temple provides the perfect place to do so.

The original intention of The Hammock Temple was to create a space at festivals where you can escape the intensity and immerse yourself in calm and ambience, enclosed and cocooned in a hammock, while healing live music encompasses you. A sound bath experience similar to a float tank, except there is no tank or water, and the sound journey is created live within you.

Central to The Hammock Temple’s 18 hammocks is a hexagonal stage, leaving the entire space open and accessible. Sound is amplified over the temple space. Sound healers have the flexibility of playing from the central stage or moving around to each person in their hammock and those lying on the floor to play music over and around them.

The floor space is carpeted and sprinkled with assorted pillows, so if all the hammocks are occupied or if it is preferred; you are welcome to find a place to get comfortable on the floor.

At night time The Hammock Temple is lit by warm and welcoming ambient lighting, inviting people to enter and be embraced by the space.

At Esoteric, The Hammock Temple will provide space for a number of different self-nurturing activities, some of these may include: sound healing, workshops, meditation, yoga, ecstatic dance, tea servings, guest speakers, spoken word poetry, drumming circles, and dance performance. At times the hammocks will be removed to provide more space if required.

Between programs, The Hammock Temple will serve as a chilled, smoke and alcohol free space that allows people to rest and reset.

It is our hope that with The Hammock Temple up and running at Esoteric, all patrons will benefit, whether via direct workshop experience or having found a nurturing space at a time of need and in turn taking away that energy with them to the rest of the festival.