Aya Earthfoods


Stall Type: Food and Beverage

You will find us at the Retail Stalls end of the festival this year – just near Snake Pit stage!

AYA Earthfoods is more than a food stall, whether it was the music that drew you in, the familiar family energy or the amazing smells from the kitchen, you walk into a space filled with smiles and amazing vibes

A healthy hub that brings freshly prepared nutritious handmade foods and drinks to your environment, with love and authenticity

Our goal is to offer everyone healthier food choices that are packed with


At AYA Earthfoods we make all our ingredients from scratch whether it’s the pesto in your Laffa or the bread that your food is wrapped in. we make everything from our dips to juices by hand the only thing we source are our free range eggs because we have a little trouble laying them ourselves, but were working on that.

Falafel is our main dish alongside our Shukshuka.
Our falafel are crispy little golden balls wrapped up in our homemade bread with salads, hummus, chilli and a mix of our fresh salads topped with deliciously creamy tahini.

Our Shukshuka is an egg pouched in our homemade chunky tomato sauce reduced from fresh tomatoes served with warm toasted Laffa, hummus and salad.

Acai is a berry found in the depths of the Amazon Jungle in Brazil, it is full of powerful antioxidants that your body craves, amino acids and essential fatty acids that your body loves.

It’s 100% organic, it increases energy and stamina and gives your body an overall feeling of


You can enjoy Acai in various different ways, Acai sorbet bowl with granola, banana, sprinkled with muslie, coconut and fresh seasonal fruit.

Smoothies is another way to enjoy Acai, with banana and mango or fresh apple juice.

All our super smoothies are mixed with cacao chocolate from Latin America, Spirulina, Macha powder and sunflower seeds, creating the most amazing natural energy drink and healthy smoothie. Green smoothies bring essential vital greens that refresh your body

We serve fresh juices squeezed fresh every day for your enjoyment we have a range of watermelon, lemon and mint, mango and carrot and ginger

AYA creates homemade Hummus, basil pesto and sundried pesto for our Laffa and wraps filled with fresh spinach, salad, olives, feta, cheese and free range eggs.

AYA is more than food or a family AYA is an experience unlike any other,

walk into the space

feel the love

taste the food
Love AYA

get addicted!

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