Fairy Floss


Stall Type: Retail

Fairy Floss is a unique alternative tribal clothing brand for women & men.

Fairy Floss was established magically in 1998, in Byron Bay, the most easterly point of Australia. Choosing this location as one of the main inspiration for creativity, in this pristine magical nature spot on this planet, that is home to our very conscious open-minded tribe.

As an underground fashion, our aim is to create unique, tribal and durable collections every season. As opposed to mainstream fashion, Fairy Floss and Pixie King is built to last, both in style and in quality.

Fairy Floss is functional, comfortable, with lots of attention to details. It’s simple and unique at the same time.

The fabrics are mostly stretchy cottons that will flatter any form. We use leather, lace, frills, prints, studs, cuts and special washes.

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