UV Brightness


Stall Type: Retail

UV Brightness is the place to go if you want to pop, glow and shine bright at your festival!

See that stall lighting up the sky?

That’s us……. UV Brightness! Come on over!

Our team of energetic, fun and experienced Face & Body painters will paint your skin with our safe uv reactive face & body paints so you will definitely be noticed wherever you go!

Plus we have a wide range of uv reactive merchandise.

Come and check out our uv reactive hand painted t-shirts as well as the tie dye t-shirts…. did I mention they’re all uv reactive?

For more cool gear, check out our other uv reactive goodies : sunglasses, mesh singlet tops, scarves, beanies, jewellery, lipstick, nail polish, masks, bracelets, party hats, wigs, tutus, balloons AND you can even purchase the body paints to paint yourself or your friends!!

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