Esoteric Festival are delighted to welcome back the Light Temple Crew to co-create our Temple Space for Deep Sea Atlantis.

Greetings magnificent and adorable Esotericans, through the depths of consciousness we have traversed the waters gathering the Alchemy of Magic from the Pearls of the Deep to bring you the Esoteric Light Temple 2020.

We morphed with the whales, met the dolphins of Light, we swam through the waters, with all of our might.

We found wisdom and insight, the keys and the codes, we searched day and night, we followed our nose.

We gathered all knowledge, the templates of love, star systems now opened, below and above.

We entered the halls, great crystals of light. We frolicked in Beauty, we awed at the Sight.

Neons of eons too much to be told, some of the future, some very old.

We entered the darkness, as angels of light, we lit up the universe, We knew we were right.

From starburst implosions To great chasms of depth, we travelled together, all in one breath.

In waves of delight, bathed in much joy. We awakened Ourselves, and left the old ploy.

Now back from within, we turned inside out, mirrored ourselves, let go of the doubt.

The dream within the dream now seen and exposed thank goodness we questioned, And followed our nose.

The old game of seeking has ended, you can only just be yourself in all your
glory. We love and adore you all for you are truly Magnificent.

Come to the temple and reconnect, receive and recharge, be free.

Game on let’s play. You are the light you are the way!

Who are we?

We are a group of light workers, healers, shamans, therapists, counsellors, magicians and general lovers of synchromystical co-creations who have embarked on a mission of creating sacred spaces to nurture, share and awaken the spiritual nature of our tribe. Over the past 20 years we have created a number of sacred spaces at various Electronic music festivals around Australia.

These multi sensory meccas embrace infinite patterns of light, sound, dance and crystalline geometry, with the intent to anchor higher consciousness into a personal planetary tribal experience.


The heart of the light temple is the Crystal Mandala, set on the foundation of the tribal medicine wheel. Adorned with sacred artefacts, crystals, and altar, we use this ancient right to bring blessings and sanctification to the temple, the tribe and the whole event.

We understand that when our tribe gathers, many will be journeying through altered states of consciousness. We call in blessings for all of our tribe, that each individuals guiding spirits are welcomed to join them, to guide and direct their journey for the highest good, In love, and safety.

With over 20 years of Light temple building experience and a team of over 100 divine warriors, we bring a space and a crew that are present and totally ready to raise the frequency of any location in time and space. More complete than ever before, this highly charged and expertly crafted sacred space weaves these magical technologies in from the solar ring and beyond.

This beautiful temple will inspire, entertain and amaze you. A place of alignment, balance, clarity and connection – oozing with divine presence, art and healing.


From beautiful background soundscapes to live devotional psy-tek-kirtan inspired jam sessions. Music moves the soul in tune to the celestial rhythms.

Sound healings, Crystal Bowls, Dedicated Vocalists, Harps, Wind and Drum and a managed open mic for spoken word, sacred chants and
inspirational uplifting variations of all the above.


The Sacred Art of the Temple Dancer comes to life through our professional trained dance troupes, choreographers and instructors. Invocation through form, movement, sacred and ecstatic dance.

Our temple dancers perform their art both within the temple space and as a roving troupe that may also be incorporated into existing opening and closing ceremonies. All routines are a one of a kind, catered to the individual festivals and events we perform at.