Alicia Jade – Somatic Trauma Therapist


Lifestyle Space: Zephyr Massage Space

Workshop Type: Massage Huts

Topic: Somatic Trauma Therapist

Presenter: Alicia Jade

Alicia (Ali) is a naturally gifted healer. As a trauma informed somatic trauma therapist, her innate wisdom, intuition and sensitivity are her guiding light. These gifts have been further refined through a dedicated spiritual practice of more than 10 years. Alicia invested more than 5 years living in a spiritual community teaching yoga, and meditation, coordinating silent meditation retreats and various workshops at a well-respected yoga school in Oaxaca, Mexico.

Called to help and support others, Alicia worked professionally in mental health. Working with people from all walks of life including adults and children from disadvantaged populations. Academically, Alicia has completed a Postgraduate Diploma of Psychology, Bachelor of Science Psychology/ Psychophysiology, Diploma of Mindfulness Therapy, and TVM practitioner certification. Seeing the amazing results of TVM in her own healing journey has inspired her to also give this precious medicine to others.

Alicia holds a loving, compassionate, and non-judgemental space. Clients can feel safe and at ease due to her comprehensive range of professional experience, credentials, and spiritual depth. She is motivated to serve others and committed to your healing. Not only for the benefit of your own personal transformation but for the benefit of all beings.

With love and blessings.

The Triple Vagal Method® (TVM™) was developed after 7 years of applied research and thousands of documented sessions. The Triple Vagal Method® is a somatic trauma transformation method that aims to release and heal trauma while increasing vagal tone through physical manipulation of the main branches of the vagus nerve.
The vagus nerve is responsible for fight or flight, freeze, and social engagement responses in the body and we engage the branches responsible of these responses safely in each TVM™ session.
This is done through physical touch and simulation of the nervous system; safely, effectively and rapidly.The Triple Vagal Method® (TVM™) is a bottom up somatic approach to trauma healing that is achieved by releasing trauma from the nervous system in order to complete any unresolved trauma cycles, this encourages the releasing of oxytocin and the breaking down calcification (neuro speech fuzz) of the fascia all the while reducing the levels of cortisol (stress hormone) in the body.

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