Allegra Light – Create Your Own Practice Staff


Workshop Type: Arts Workshop

Topic: Create Your Own Practice Staff (Flow Arts)

Presenter: Allegra Light

Build and decorate your own practice staff and start learning tricks! If you’ve ever wanted to get involved in flow arts or simply have your own staff, come along to this! Not a doof stick*! All materials provided but limited spots available – based on a first come, first serve basis. If there is time, there will be lessons at the end of the workshop!

Allegra has always had an affinity with performance arts, participating in acrobalance and gymnastics as a child. When she discovered flow arts as an adult, she was taken with the reality of being able to express herself in such a beautiful and intricate way; feeling connection with the meditative state performing brought within herself. Over the years she’s practiced juggling, poi, staff, double staff, dragon staff, with and without fire. Her commitment to practice, combined with her love of dance has lead her to perform tricks in a gorgeous expression of flowful art. Allegra’s specialties are single staff, dragon staff, and poi; in either LED or on fire.

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