Anjali Sengupta – Bollywood Dance Flashmob


Lifestyle Space: Circue Fantasia

Workshop Type: Dance Workshop

Topic: Bollywood Dance Workshop & Flashmob

Presenter: Anjali Sengupta


Anjali Sengupta is a trauma informed dance movement therapist, creative arts therapist, community arts/dance facilitator, arts/dance educator, holistic well-being and fitness professional, choreographer and performing artist. With 30 years experience of teaching, performing, facilitating, choreographing and moving with people across 3 continents, dance and the expressive arts are as essential to Anjali as eating sleeping and breathing.

She is the founder and director of Embracing Spirit that offers a range of trauma informed, creative arts and dance movement therapy services for individuals and groups who want to experience more joy energy and vitality. She is a counsellor with HerSpace which is a specialist mental health service for women who are experiencing distress and harm from all forms of exploitation including sexual, forced labour, slavery, forced marriage and trafficking.

Anjali’s holistic and somatic approach draws on both Eastern and Western science, techniques and philosophies of well being. Anjali has extensive experience working with diverse populations in a variety of different settings including residential aged care, primary and secondary schools, corporate team building, disability care and mental health. She is passionate about creating spaces for cycle breakers and empathic leaders to embody their divine gifts, unleash their creativity and the wisdom of the body to experience more joy, vitality and abundance.


Get your bling on, grab your mates and unleash your inner superstar at Esoverse 2024!

Bollywood Dance is not just a style of dance- it is a multilayered experience where music, dance, drama, story telling and performance come together to create a magical world where anything is possible!! It is a great reminder to not take things too seriously and to enjoy the pure joy of dance and moving the body. Experience the joy of dance, being in your body and learn new ways to express yourself.

Let’s get playful and expressive, celebrating the shades and nuances of the human experience. We begin with a fun dance warm up and learn the routine- all bodies are welcome and no previous experience required. We will then perform our dance as a flashmob before disappearing back into the Esoverse….

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