Anna Key – Getting A Medical Cannabis Prescription In Australia


Workshop Type: Lecture

Topic: Getting A Medical Cannabis Prescription In Australia

Presenter: Anna Key

Many people with chronic pain conditions, children and adults with epilepsy, cancer, and many other situations, can benefit from cannabis, and it had been legalized for medical use in Australia since 2016… but most doctors still don’t know anything about it and so it can be very difficult for the average person to get a prescription. In this workshop we will discuss the different clinics, organisations and services available to those seeking a prescription, the 5 groups of patients who are fast tracked for approval, and the pros and cons of obtaining your cannabis legally.

I’ve been teaching workshops at festivals for over a decade, including Esoteric 2019, on topics that varied from running your car on hydrogen to knowing your rights in interactions with authorities, police, courts, debt collectors and so on. This time the topic is a little different and hopefully helpful to a lot of people.

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