Arabella Phoenix – Liberate Your Limbs: Surrender To The Sound


Workshop Type: Dance Workshop

Topic: Liberate Your Limbs: Surrender To The Sound

Presenter: Arabella Phoenix

This workshop will enhance your understanding of how it feels to be free, free from other people’s view of you, free of a societies image you project into yourself, free of what you deem as beautiful and encapsulate your embodied, liberated body to move like wild fire, a tornado of movement, a tiger warrior prince, a sexy snake, an intergalactic alien , essentially whatever you want to be through the power of dance.

To lose the notion of what you look like and step into what feels good for you.

providing a potent playground for others to delve and explore pure self expression, and release through movement and dance.

– Integration into space: via Breathwork, intention setting and warm up exercises
– Guided movement: exploring various archetypes; rediscovering our animal selves, connecting with our inner child. contact improv and utilising props to enhance silliness, play and authentic expression.
– Aided by a unique blend of multidimensional music, providing a vibrant journey for our bodies to explore all spectrum of sounds.
– group meditation, relaxation sounds ending with a poetic reading.

This workshop will leave you feeling embodied, empowered, ignited, free, uplifted, utterly sweatastic, injected with self-love. Igniting your heart channel to be on full frequency.

Arabella is known for her insatiable appetite for dance. A world adventurer who’s creative expression has truly come alive through the power of community, festivals and love. Described as a ‘hurricane of limbs’ her embodiment of pure ecstatic bliss is infectious. Arabella utilises her unrelenting energy and raw passion for movement to empower and facilitate you to strip back the layers of ego that confine, and embrace your body in its complete authentic vitality, igniting the wild within.

‘Dance has become a powerful mechanism to release what does not serve me, jealousy, insecurity, fears, sorrow, heartbreak. Being able to channel these challenging emotions into movement, releasing this toxic energy, letting go of Inhibitions has been an incredible healing tool and a gift of self love. Simply, my love for dance has set me free, enhanced my connections with myself and community and this magic trickles into all my life. I wish to unleash in you the power to use this outlet as a tool to become your heart-led truest, strongest self. Let’s move in our full power together! ‘

Arabella has hosted and facilitated multiple ecstatic dances in community spaces in Melbourne and dance studios in the northern rivers and is raring to sweat off the layers and share the magic in her favourite festival setting.

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