Asha Farah – An Odyssey to the Soul using Art Therapy


Lifestyle Space: Creation Station

Workshop Type: Arts Workshop

Topic: An Odyssey to the Soul using Art Therapy

Presenter: Asha Farah

Asha of Authentic Sacred Healing Through Arts (A.S.H.A) is a professionally trained Transpersonal Art Therapist and Breathwork Facilitator. She believes everyone has the capacity to heal themselves, and in order to achieve this, all aspects of the Self (the emotional, mental, physical and spiritual body) must be addressed. Her purpose is to create a sacred space for others to deepen their connection to themselves, and their relationship to the world and life. She is based in the Inner Western Suburbs of Melbourne.


Welcome to the Odyssey of the Soul, where we commune in sacred circle, to take the grandest leap of life! Traversing the landscapes of the Soul, to find our Souls’ truest expressions and messages. We will open our heartspace through Breathwork, using a conscious connected breath, letting all stagency emerge and release. This will pave the way for our hearts to fully express through creativity and journaling. Come as you are, for this is a space to learn how to tap into your Souls calls and hear its messages, with tenderness and insight.

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