Ashleigh Urry – Equine Energetics and Frequency Healing


Lifestyle Space: Hammock Temple

Workshop Type: Healing Workshop, Lecture

Topic: Equine Energetics & Frequency Healing

Presenter: Ashleigh Urry

With 20 years of Equine Experience myself, understanding the energetics involved between human and equine interactions has been a fundamental aspect of my healing journey through life. Horses are extremely intuitive animals, always deeply connected and in tune with their environment, they are able to pick up on the slightest of changes in energy, emotions and intention even before we know we are thinking it. Horses create healing spaces due to their electromagnetic field projected from their heart space. Their electromagnetic field stretches 3 time as far as a humans field, thus being able to connect to, pick up on, and send out signals through energy vibration and breath, in ways of communication between the herd, and other humans.

I am an educator of equine assisted learning, or equine interactive experiences, sound and energy healer, and space holder. I help people build a deeply intuitive self awareness and self regulatory skills throughout interactions with horses and the exceptional lessons they can teach us. Being guided by my horses myself, I have grown, learnt, healed and deepened my communication with both them and also in my outside world. The learnings we can receive in the paddock are hugely transferable to our outside lives, working with all walks of people, in community, and social situations.
With 10 years additional education in energetic physics, through my prior healthcare degree, Sound and Energy healing, and connection to nature, I am able to explain the science behind these incredibly healing animals, and explore the benefits people may be awakened to though interacting with our equine partners

I will be talking and educating people of the powers that horses have in creating a healing environment, the ability to move through trauma, by holding a calm and forgiving space with humans. We will run through grounding exercises to allow us to drop out of out mind and back into our body, connecting to our grounded Earthly selves. Partnered with breathing exercises, meditation, vocal toning and chakra balance cleansing we will open a space where we can connect back into our own animal instincts, our innate wisdom and the spirit of the horse. This will be Partnered with Sound healing, allowing us to truely submerge ourselves into this space.

Space will be held for open discussion, interaction and questions about my experiences, the horses, and the offerings I bring into this world, through my own healing journey

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