Ashley Brown – Heart Opening Yoga


Lifestyle Space: Fractal Tree

Workshop Type: Yoga Workshop

Topic: Heart Opening Yoga

Presenter: Ashley Brown


Ashley Brown is a certified 1000+ hour full-time yoga teacher who teachers at some of the best studios across Melbourne and Byron Bay including Creature Yoga & Body Mind Life (Byron) and Good Vibes, Warrior one, Willow Urban and Upstate (Melbourne). Sharing yoga is my passion and creating experiences through yoga is my gift.

I also grew up in Melbourne and my first ever doof experience was Esoteric which was incredibly life changing, magical and profound. Since then I have always dreamt of coming back and being a part of the team by offering my own gift.


As oppose to mindfulness, what I’d like to share is a practise of ‘heart-fullness’ which translates to Hridaya in Sanskrit. We begin the practise by using the breath to unlock dimensions of presence that stream from the heart as we gently invite the body to open through heart opening movements & postures.

This class will be encourage people to really get in their body by trying new postures whilst honouring the heart as the true seat of consciousness, of knowledge and of the mind.

This workshop aims to create an experience that helps to drops people out of their head into their heart which is what I feel the power of festivals like Esoteric are all about.


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