Azure Stardust – How to be a Cat


Lifestyle Space: Circue Fantasia

Workshop Type: Other

Topic: How to be a Cat

Presenter: Azure Stardust

Azure Stardust is a trained Alkemist, graduating from Skolomanche Academy in 2020, and works primarily in the spaces of tarot, manifestation and embodiment.

They are proud to present their first workshop offering ‘How To Be a Cat’ to the attendees of the 2024 Esoteric Festival.

Unlock your archetypal cat-self in this multimodal, fully immersive workshop.

Azure will guide you to through their patented Meow-ditation, eye-gazing exercise, cat-yoga, archetypal embodiment and sound bath resulting in your unwavering connection to one of five cat archetypes they have identified through many years of research and a deep connection to the feline world.

Are you a kitten, house cat, purebred, stray or wild cat? Come with an open mind and let Azure’s expertise guide you as you discover ‘How To Be a Cat’.

This is a family friendly event and children are encouraged to attend.

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