Badshore & Madam Mañana – Pink Noise’s: Women’s and LGBTQI+ DJ workshop


Lifestyle Space: Hammock Fractal

Workshop Type: Music Workshop

Topic: Pink Noise's: Women's and LGBTQI+ DJ workshop

Presenter: Badshore & Madam Mañana

A growing force in the North Queensland Bass Music Scene BADSHORE brings the best bass music has to offer and is most simply summarised as “Badass Bass Fusion”.

Madam Manana brings the beat with her refreshing blend of house, funk and booty shaking bass! This well-respected DJ earned her accolades through a decade of d-floor mastery.

After learning the ropes and breaking into the dance music scene, BADSHORE and Madam Manana saw a need to provide a safe space to promote diversity in Australia’s dance music scene. From this the Pink Noise (FNQ) Women’s and LGBTQI+ DJ Workshop blossomed.

This introductory DJ Workshop is aimed at helping other women and queer/LGBTQI+ individuals learn the skills and find the confidence to DJ, in a traditionally male dominated space. Covering fundamental technical skills, this fun and inclusive workshop will provide you a solid foundation into DJing.

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