Belle Nielsen – Connect and Flow Yoga


Lifestyle Space: Fractal Tree

Workshop Type: Yoga Workshop

Topic: Connect and Flow Yoga

Presenter: Belle Nielsen

My name is Belle, yoga is something that i love and practice regularly and will be heading to Sri Lanka to finally get my yoga teacher certification, and will be heading straight to Esoteric from Sri Lanka hopefully having the opportunity to connect, relax and deepen our relationship with our movement and connecting to our breath as well as our’ mind and soul.

This is a space to breathe, to feel, to move slowly and consciously.
To allow whatever emotions and movement occur and then to release it.

To deepen our connection within ourselves and how powerful it is to be still, to be present.
I will be going through a practice that includes all of the above, including traditional yoga techniques that align with the body and connecting breath and movement as one.

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