Benji Doucet – 4 Hands Massage


Lifestyle Space: Zephyr Massage Space

Workshop Type: Massage Huts

Topic: 4 Hands Massage

Presenter: Benji Doucet

Gabi and Benji were total strangers when they decided to switch there life around and come back to their childhood dream job ; massage therapist. They found themselves in the same massage school in Montréal, Canada. Instantly fell in love with the movements, values and spiritual approach the world of massage therapy offers. At the end of the course, Benji and Gabi decided to follow their dream of traveling and go to Tahiti together. That’s where the four hand massage and their company “Entre 4 Mains” was created. With the inspiration of the waves on the ocean and the powerful mana, they created the most blissful massage. In may 2023 they returned to Montreal to present their creation to the Canadian championship of massage and , to their surprise, won the gold medal.
Now a new adventure starts for them in Australia with open hearts for anything the universe brings them.


Services Offered:
– 4 hands massage (pick this one if there must be have just one)
– Relaxation massage
– Therapeutic massage
– Head massage and Reiki

Brief description of services:
* 4 hands massage *
60/90 min
Directly inspired by the ocean waves and the mana’s vibes of Tahiti, this not only a massage that mix several styles but more a hand’s choreography created in total harmony.
This massage has receive the Gold medal at the Canadian championship 2023.

* Relaxation massage *
60/90 min
Two different technics Californian or Lomi lomi, to relax totally your mind and your body.

* Therapeutic massage *
60/90 min
Two different technics Swedish or deep tissue, to focus on the body logic and the muscles knots.

* Head massage and Reiki *
A non invasive head massage who use the cosmic healing energy to harmonise and procure pure well-being.

Alternative (and shorter) bio :
Golden medalist 2023 from Canadian championship, this couple of massage therapist propose an unique 4 hands massage inspired by the mana of Tahiti.

Previous Experience:
* Osheaga, july 2022.

* Khumeia, august 2023.

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